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Nelson Straley, private batting coach, Nellie gives professional batting lessons. Located in Orange County. Over 27 years experience coaching and giving batting lessons to Little league, high school , college and professional players. A proven professional with upper level analysis and proven results to Over 100 All League, College, and Pro players. Nelson's players hit for power and for a high batting average. I can make your son a better hitter.

Success oriented professional hitting lessons.

Private instructions presented by appointment.

Player Development

We take pride in making a player better at the level he is playing and helping him develop into the next level based on our system of dominate side, rhythm and time.

Hitting Philosophy

-- Attack the pitcher

-- Square the barrel through the middle

-- Make adjustments in rhythm and time

Hitting Styles

Nelson specializes in personalizing a player's hitting style. We cater to the tools of the individual taking what the player has to start with and making them better. We stress a players natural abilities and develop the four fundamentals of hitting:
-- Dominate Side
-- Timing
-- Hand Action
-- Eyes

... Thanks for all that you have done for me these past couple years. I definitely would not be where I am now as a baseball player without you. Thanks for everything.

N. O'Toole

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